After spending 13 months (2008-09) as seconded Headteacher at Tynecastle High School


“… your skill and professionalism have got the school back on course.”
Mike Hay, retired Headteacher of Tynecastle High School

“You really did a great job for us. You consistently and intelligently applied your principles and values. You were effective and inspiring.”
Finlay MacLeod, former Principal Teacher at Tynecastle High School

“You took over the school under difficult and challenging circumstances but the unfortunate recent past can now be set aside. Under your leadership the school can now look forward to a very exciting future.”
Gillian Tee, Director Children and Families, City of Edinburgh


On retiring as Headteacher at Wester Hailes Education Centre (2011)


“At all times you have put the needs and aspirations of your young people first, the hallmark of the true School Master and Headteacher.”
Norman Drummond, Columba 1400

“Your strong and caring leadership has benefited countless numbers of staff and pupils over the years…”
David Wright, Children and Families Department, City of Edinburgh Council


On delivering course on the Inclusive School (2010)


“Realistic, inspiring and passionate.”

“Good to listen to somebody who has real credibility – and doing exactly what he’s talking about.”

“Inspirational! Inclusive in practice. Such a reflective practitioner.”

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