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CfE and assessment

For Scottish teachers implementing Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), assessment is a major dilemma. The current mantra is that teachers are professionals whose judgements should be trusted; local authorities and others, however, are increasingly prescriptive about assessment and reporting.  In particular, the vexed issue of reporting at the […]

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Three types of poor teachers

Scottish schools are cooperative institutions.  Management and staff work together.  The term ‘collegial’ encompasses the ethos which has improved how Scottish schools operate. Brian McAlinden, former Headteacher of Castlemilk High School, has however put the managerial cat among the educational pigeons.  He has suggested that teachers should […]

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Two hours compulsory PE in Scottish schools

Peter Peacock, Scotland’s education minister, is currently reviewing a proposal to make compulsory in Scottish schools a minimum of two hours a week of  physical education or physical activities.  Given that 15% of secondary students are obese or very overweight, it goes without saying that the health […]

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Edgate: Europe united

Education gate, commonly abbreviated to EdGATE, is  a  Europe-wide  network  of  educationalists  and related professionals, who exchange good practice in a range of areas. The network is funded by the European Union, and it is hoped that it will support economic growth. The identified priority areas are […]

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Challenging Scottish education

John MacBeath, Cambridge’s Emeritus Professor of Education Leadership and formerly Director of Strathclyde University’s Quality in Education Centre, has written a challenging piece on Scottish school effectiveness.  In ‘Challenging the Orthodoxy’, his chapter in School Effectiveness and Improvement*, Professor MacBeath warns against idealising  Scottish education. He also […]

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No tolerance of second rate

The focus of the Scottish Executive’s drive towards excellence in education remains the sharing and development of good practice but the Leadership Conference of SELMAS (Scottish Educationa Leadership, Management and Administration Society) in Glasgow on 8th September heard a clear warning from both the Inspectorate and the […]

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Too close to call

Scotland goes to the polls on May 3.  Head Alex Wood looks at what the parties are saying when it comes to education.   Next week’s council elections are unique in that they will be held, for the first time, under the single transferable vote system and […]

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The leadership curriculum

School leadership is presently a high-agenda item internationally. Terry Dozier in the USA, Michael Fullan in Canada, Graham Donaldson in Scotland (we’ll return to him), are all insisting that quality leadership is the key to improving education. The final criterion, in How Good Is Our School, the […]

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Leadership school

More than 100 participants from Scotland, Ireland, Nigeria and the Netherlands attended the International Summer School on School Leadership in Edinburgh earlier this month.  Scottish headteacher Alex Wood was there.    “Leadership is a measure of your engagement with the human condition.  It is knowing who you […]

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Closure U-turn

Edinburgh’s proposals to close 22 schools, three of them secondaries, has collapsed almost as quickly as it arose.   The SNP, group on the City Council, coalition partners with the Liberals, announced that it was withdrawing all support from the Council’s agreed programme to close schools only […]

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