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A licence to teach

It’s again time for Scottish educationalists to peep over the Border, this time at Tristram Hunt and Anthony Seldon. Teachers should be licensed and could be sacked if they fail tough professional checks, asserted Hunt, Labour’s Westminster education spokesperson. “Just like lawyers and doctors they should have […]

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Are exams undermined by curriculum reform?

SCHOOLS are regularly exhorted to listen and respond to the views of their students. The Herald (4 February 2014) carried a detailed, thoughtful letter from a fourth year Falkirk student criticising the failures of the Curriculum for Excellence exam system, but also stating that curricular content was […]

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Listen and learn

More than 160 school students, teachers and education professionals attended a recent Scottish conference on Student Voice. Insightful young people outlined the relationships, teaching styles, technology and aspirational culture for which they hoped. Teachers and professionals contributed but also listened and learned. Listening to ‘student voice’ is […]

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To boldly go….

In December one of Scotland’s major local authorities circulated its staff with an appeal to “Share your BOLD ideas”. Staff were reminded that “we need to make significant savings and deliver better services with fewer resources. As demand for our services grows, we need to look closely […]

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How do we define success?

Determined to Succeed was the 2002 Scottish Government’s review of education for work and enterprise. It is also the title of a newly-published book (Kevin Murphy and Neil McLennan, Lulu, RPP £14.99) distributed to school students in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. The foreword by David Cameron (the real […]

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